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Message to Prospective Students

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at my web pages. I appreciate your interest in my research and in the activities of our group. Unfortunately, since I receive an overwhelming number of e-mail messages from prospective students, there are too many messages for me to respond personally to each one. So please accept my apologies for this general response to student inquiries.

Prospective Graduate Students: Working with exceptional graduate students is the highlight of my job here at UIC. Admission to the ECE department at UIC is based on merit, and applications are reviewed by the department's Graduate Admissions Committee. Decisions regarding openings for new graduate assistants, acceptance, and funding are made in the late fall for spring admission and in the late spring for fall admission. The graduate committee decides the requirements for admission. Direct solicitations to faculty members for admission are not accommodated. That said, I am primarily interested in working with students that are interested in earning a Ph.D. I look for students that write thoughtful personal statements that speak to the agenda of the wireless communication lab, that have interesting backgrounds and experiences, that receive recommendations from trusted colleagues whose work I know, that have demonstrated a mature approach to school, and possess good grades (and acceptable GRE). Previous research experiences are very attractive and publications are impressive if you have them. Most of all, I look for students who are self-motivated and willing to make mistakes often in search of excellence.

Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows: Postdoctoral fellows in my laboratory are hired for specific grant funded positions. There are no such positions available unless there is a current posting on my web page or the NICEST web page.

My Students and post-doctoral Fellows:

  • Siyao Li, Ph.D. graduate student (co-adviser Prof. Natasha Devroye, Prof. Daniela Tuninetti and Prof. Hulya Seferoglu)
  • Md Atiqul Islam, Ph.D. graduate student
  • Prithvi Rayasam, Master graduate student
  • Zohreh Ovaisi, Master graduate student (co-adviser Prof. Natasha Devroye, Prof. Daniela Tuninetti and Prof. Hulya Seferoglu)
  • Farhad Farzami, Ph.D. graduate student (co-adviser Prof. Danilo Erricolo)
  • Hamza Soury, Post-doctoral follow
  • Xinghao Gu, Ph.D. graduate student
  • Seiran Khaledian, Ph.D. graduate student
  • Hongyi Zhu, Ph.D. graduate student (co-adviser Prof. David Love)
  • Konstantin Muranov, Ph.D. graduate student (co-adviser Prof. Natasha Devroye)
  • Saeed Vahidian, previous graduate student
  • Mohammadreza Mousaei, previous graduate student
  • Shajid Islam, previous graduate student -- University of Oklahoma
  • Tian Li, previous graduate student -- Marvell Semiconductor Inc.
  • Md. Maksud Alam, previous graduate student -- North South University, Bangladesh

Collaborators and co-authors: